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What to expect at Pixel Expo 2023?

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Free play and tournament games

Our busiest room at Pixel Expo 2022 was our PLE Gaming Hall sponsored by our friends at PLE Computers!

Retro games, arcade machines, indie game developers and free play games - the PLE Gaming Hall had everything and more!

We will be significantly expanding this space in 2023 and can't wait show you what we have planned.

Fighting Game Tournaments at Pixel Expo 2022!
The Wandering Inn

Stay a while and listen.

The Wandering Inn is Pixel Expo's very own fantasy tavern, build right in the middle of the PCEC. Created by our friends at WA LARP, the Wandering Inn is a location for attendees to interact with NPCs, learn about LARP and get quests to complete at Pixel Expo. Additionally, you will find DND merchants, artists and fantasy content creators to purchase some amazing stylised art. There is even a game developer, showcasing their amazing locally made board game.

Speaking of board games, Good Games Australia sponsored our 'Library of Good Games'.  Attendees were able to down with some fellow adventures, play a board game and listen to a bard spin a tale of how they slain two dragons at the same time.

WA LARP in the Wandering Inn at Pixel Expo 2022!
Indie Games Extravaganza!

Pixel Expo is committed to the development and celebration of local video game content and giving a fair and accessible way for developers to present their work.  We have a large gaming hall dedicated to all kinds of games, past and present. If you are a fan of indie games, interested in getting into game development, or just enjoy playing video games, come check out our Pixel Expo Indie Game extravaganza inside the PLE Gaming Hall.

Our game developer applications are currently being refined and improved thanks to the feedback from our vendors following our Pixel Expo 2022 event. We will have our new and improved form ready to go in quarter one 2023!

Local Game Developer Nekograms at Pixel Expo 2022!

BRB Room

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the Expo? Take a quick break at our BRB Room.

This is our chill out room at Pixel Expo, designed for neuro-divergent attendees that feel overstimulated or exhausted to take a moment to catch their breath, escape the hustle and reset.

In this sensory-positive area, we have access to quiet puzzles, a manga library, tactile items and bean bags with a device recharge station. We also have access to ear plugs that attendees may help themselves to, to help dampen noise on the Expo floor. We're also pleased to offer a sensory swing and earmuffs for young attendees with special processing needs to use within the room.

We ask that Expo attendees please be respectful of users of this space by keeping the room quiet and peaceful to offer a true sense of security and retreat to those who need it most. All users of the space will be asked to switch their phones to mute and use headphones if using the recharge station for silent gaming. Our wonderful volunteers will be on hand if you require any assistance.

Our friends at The Sensory Collective can also be found at the BRB Space, offering a great range of fidget and sensory toys and accessories for you to purchase for personal use. The friendly team is highly experienced in all things sensory, so please feel free to drop by to check out their stock!

Pixel Unity Diversity Lounge

Pixel Expo is proud to present: the Pixel Unity Diversity Lounge! One of our major goals for Pixel Expo is to make it as diverse and welcoming an event as possible. To that end, we have dedicated a whole room to celebrate and showcase the wide range of people in our Pixel community in an inclusive and safe space.

Our Unity vendors are all individuals and associations who have kindly donated their time to engage and promote their areas of expertise in the positive mental health space and the LGBTQIA+ community. So please, talk with and learn from them as much as you can. And no matter who you are, we hope you feel welcome and loved at Pixel Expo.

While we are so happy and proud of our Unity vendors, we also recognise that there are so many more diverse areas, cultures and intersectionalities that we wish to represent at Pixel Expo in the future, so keep watching this space for continued growth!

We were thrilled to have Headspace, TransFolk of WA, the Nerd Therapist and Perth Gaymers attend the Pixel Unity Diversity Lounge at Pixel Expo 2022!

Traders Hall

Pixel Expo will have a traders hall for larger and small companies to sell, promote and demonstrate their wares. From merchandise, services and everything in between, Pixel Expo will provide a large space for vendors to promote their products to the patrons of the event. We have a large variety of traders selling merchandise such as anime products, figures, gaming equipment, board games and more!

Our trader applications are currently being refined and improved thanks to the feedback from our vendors following our Pixel Expo 2022 event. We will have our new and improved form ready to go in quarter one 2023!

Local vendor Drift Bunny Decal at Pixel Expo 2022!
Artist Alley

In 2022, we gathered one of the largest collections of Perth artists ay any expo here in Perth. The Perth artist scene worked exceptionally hard to get their wares ready to sell and show at Pixel Expo 2022 and we were blown away with the diversity and talent on display at our event!

Our artist applications are currently being refined and improved thanks to the feedback from our vendors following our Pixel Expo 2022 event. We will have our new and improved form ready to go in quarter one 2023!

One of the talented artists tabling at Pixel Expo 2022!

Pixel Expo is all about showcasing local talent and idols are no different!  At Pixel Expo 2022, we hosted seven idol groups during our first ever Pixel Idols: LIVE!

These idols worked extremely hard all year putting together an amazing show for the attendees at Pixel Expo. With light sticks in hand, the local Perth idol scene came alive in support of these talented performers.

Pixel Expo will continue to support the idol community throughout the year and is looking forward to seeing what these groups and many more can bring to our next big event!

Idol Group LumixLoveward performing in the Murdoch University Theatre
Photo by @HKPhotography
Cosplay Competition

Cosplay (or costume roleplaying) is where fans dress-up as their favourite characters from anime, comic book, TV shows or video games, showing off their creativity and skill. After the show, cosplayers can wander the halls taking photos with other attendees, or they can have their photos taken by our professional photographers in our photo room to share, engage and interact with other cosplayers and patrons online. 

We are heavily invested in our cosplay competition including a premium timeslot in the Riverside theatre for the competition.  We believe that the hard work and dedication put into cosplay should be recognised on a high level.  The Riverside Theatre seats 2,500 attendees at max capacity and will be the perfect stage for our amazing cosplayers to show their stuff.

We are please to showcase both veterans and first-time cosplayers to compete in our cosplay competition which we hope will be the gold standard of competitions in Australia.  We have taken advice from both experienced and emerging cosplayers to ensure all entrants have an opportunity to walk away with a prize.

Our Pixel Expo Cosplay Champion for 2022 is @stormereticcosplay! Congratulations!

Our Cosplay Champion for 2022 @stormereticcosplay!
Panels and Workshops

Not just focusing on playing games or watching media, Pixel Expo will host a number of panels during the show, presented by passionate industry representatives to show the work that goes into creating these works of art. Pixel Expo will also highlight a number of artists and cosplay makers with cultural exhibits for patrons to interact with.

Pixel Expo 2023 will continue to host panels and workshops to help local talent connect with the community and share their skills with a wider audience.

Panels hosted at Pixel Expo 2022