Perth’s Animation + Gaming Expo
Coming 2023

Pixel Idols: LIVE!

One of Pixel Expo’s main goals is to raise the profile of Animation and Gaming in all forms, especially represented by our local talent here in Western Australia. In addition to our dedicated Idol space where our local groups can meet and greet their fans and share their merchandise with the community, we have an exciting opportunity to announce:

Introducing Pixel Idols: LIVE!
Our Gaming and Animation Idol Talent spectacular!

An hour-long showcase in the Riverside Theatre, a 2500 seat internationally renowned stage that has seen some of the biggest and best acts in WA - and the world. If you have an animation or gaming performance, then we'd love you to join us!

As we are a single day event, we have limited time and resources to be able to accommodate every idol group in Perth. In future years, we will expand our resources and endeavour to give more time to idol groups to perform. For this year, we will only be able to accept a select few to perform. Don't be discouraged if you do not get accepted this year as we hope there'll be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Despite our limited time for idols, we would like to encourage all idols to apply, regardless of skill level or experience. If you are feeling confident to perform on stage, we would like you to apply! But remember, your act must somehow be totally related to Animation and/or Gaming or it will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Idol Coordinators via email at
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Pixel Idols: LIVE!

Pixel Idols: LIVE! Rules and Guidelines (pdf)
Click below to learn more:
On Stage Conduct
  1. Once cued, performers should walk to the indicated position towards the front of the stage and wait for their music to start. Please let staff know if you wish to start off stage.

  1. You are not allowed to interact with the stage staff and/or MC(s) in any way unless invited to do so. Do not swear, threaten, touch, abuse or heckle any backstage, venue, or stage staff or any audience members. 

  1. Please do not interfere with any other acts in any way. After you have left the stage, you are not permitted to re-enter it for any reason. If you have any additional props on stage, please remove them as you leave. If you might require any additional assistance (bulky props, difficulty carrying etc), ask the Idol Team in advance and seek permission to bring additional stage hands (ninjas).

  1. Please do not mess up the stage. No liquids, sticky substances, explosives, anything incendiary/flammable or anything that could damage the stage.  Costs associated with any damage incurred will be passed on from the Venue to Pixel Expo. 

Day of the event

On the day of Pixel Idols: Live (3 September 2022); ALL members of your group must have signed in sixty (60) minutes before the idol event. If you do not sign in prior to this time, in costume, you will be removed from the run sheet and thus unable to appear on stage. We strongly advise you to check in as soon as you arrive at Pixel Expo. Sign in location will be at the Pixel Expo booth, or another suitable location as advised by the Idol Team prior to the event.

  1. You will be checked by Pixel Expo and venue staff prior to entering the venue. If they deem that your costume does not adhere to the Code of Conduct, you will not be permitted entry to the venue and thus cannot check in and will be removed from the run sheet. The code of conduct can be found on the Pixel Expo website. The Idol Team can not make exceptions to venue rules.

  1. All members of your entry must be present to sign in and you cannot have someone else sign you in. When you sign in, you must be wearing your costume. No late check-ins will be accepted.

  1. You will be given a performance time and a time to return for marshalling. If you are late for marshalling, you will be removed from the run-sheet.

  1. By applying and your application approved, you are allowing your image to be photographed, recorded and potentially distributed for marketing purposes to which you will receive no compensation.

Performance Guidelines
  1. All performances on stage at Pixel Expo MUST relate back to Animation and/or Gaming.  We will not accept applications that include dancing to Japanese or Korean pop music unless you are cosplaying a character from an animation or game. We will consider applications from idols who have created their own original character or design, provided their performance has a clear link to gaming and animation. Please consult with idol coordinators if you are unsure about details and they will help you brainstorm if need be.
  1. Please ensure you provide us with background music with your application. If you wish to sing live on stage, we must be informed prior to the event. Please note that we cannot guarantee there will be available live audio equipment (e.g. Microphones) available on the day. Pre-recorded music including singing is recommended.  
  1. All performances have a strict maximum time limit. Please note that this is a maximum performance length, shorter performances are equally encouraged. You will have a maximum 10 minutes for your set including bumping in and out of the stage. You are permitted to perform one set only.
  1. At no time is any adult content to be a part of your stage presence. All performances regardless of content or style should be appropriate for all ages. I.e., ensure that your performance is PG rated in content. This means and is not limited to; sexual content (implied or otherwise), kissing, obscene gestures, offensive language (swearing verbally or physically) or anything else that is deemed for adult viewing. Violation of this rule may result in removal from the run sheet.  This includes song and music choices.  All aspects of your performance MUST be family friendly.
  1. If you are performing, please give a brief rundown of your intended performance on your registration form. Any performance that is deemed too dangerous or inappropriate will not be accepted. If you require assistance, please let us know beforehand. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but such requests will be limited based on our available time and resources.
  1. Performance audio or video files should ensure they adhere to the performance time limits and must be submitted between approval of your application and no later than 1 week prior to Pixel Expo (i.e. by Friday, 26 August 2022). No music can be submitted on the day of the event. 
  • Backing audio should be recorded as an MP3 audio file.
  • Video should be .mpg/.mp4/.avi/.wmv files encoded with H.264/x264 video codecs and AAC audio codecs. A maximum resolution of 1080p (1280x720) and a size limit of 200MB please.